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We have spaces available in most year groups. If you'd like to find out more about joining our friendly school, please get in touch on 01229 830431.

Who's Who

Meet the Team





Mr M Cull


Assistant Headteachers

Miss J Corless                                            
Mrs L Reid 



Mrs H Crook


Teaching Staff

Nursery - Mrs F Harris

Reception - Miss C Taylor

Year 1 - Mr M Wilson

Year 2 - Miss R Donnelly

Year 3 - Mrs L Reid

Year 4 - Mrs F Hayes & Mrs H Crowe

Year 5 - Miss L Baxter

Year 6 - Miss J Corless


KS1 PPA Cover - Mrs F Harris

KS2 PPA Cover - Mrs H Crook & Mrs H Crowe


Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Ainsworth

Miss A Ballantyne

Miss L Brennan

Mrs N Bridges

Mrs L Brown

Miss C Bulman

Mrs S Buttriss

Miss L Bunting

Miss N Carter

Mrs H Crowe

Mrs L Cummings

Miss D Elle

Miss J Forrester

Mrs S Fountain

Miss K Hinchley

Ms S Hunter

Miss C Lindsay

Miss A Martin

Miss K Mayor (Maternity leave)

Mrs J Mayvers

Mrs P Moore

Miss G Newton

Mrs S Redhead

Miss K Reid

Mrs K Parker

Mrs N Studt

Mrs S Wayman

Miss A Williams



Miss A Flynn

Miss J Hartley



Mr H Smith


Midday Supervisors

Miss C Bulman

Miss M Clarke

Mrs J Morris

Miss G Newton

Mr H Smith


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Irving

Miss K Reid

Ms S Thompson


Cleaning Staff

Mrs L Artes

Mrs M Gower

Mrs J Irving

Mrs P Johnson