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Praise Assemblies

Each Friday, the whole school comes together to celebrate the hard work of our children. We give out Praise Certificates to those who have done something wonderful. We also choose someone from each class to wear the Gold Jumper the following week as they are set a great example to the rest of the school.


Below are some photos of our most recent Praise Assemblies.



13.7.18, reading raffle and sportsmanship awards

4.5.18, plus reading raffle winners!

2.3.18 this week includes February’s reading raffle winners.

9.2.18 (Now featuring the fine diners!)

2.2.18, including the brand new Headteachers award.


Golden jumpers only today, 5.1.18


24.11.17 (year 1 at the zoo)

3.11.17 (no year 6 as they were visiting Barrow AFC).

Lovely praise today 22.9.17

Praise, we love sharing the reasons the children in our class deserve these! (15.9.17)