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Physical Education


Physical Education is highly valued at Ormsgill School. We believe that PE can develop a child’s potential across the curriculum and as a result makes their lives richer. Through our PE teaching and extracurricular activities it is our mission to promote:


  • Physical fitness and well being
  • Positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles
  • Strong social interactions
  • Good sportsmanship values
  • Enjoyment
  • Commitment to learning skills
  • Involvement in recreational and competitive activities


We achieve this through a varied and developmental curriculum. Our curriculum map ensures that children are constantly developing on their fundamental skills, leading towards sport specific activity. Many extra-curricular opportunities are provided to develop sport specific skills further, leading to participation in competitive activities, such as sports day and Sainsbury’s School games competitions.


Early Years and Foundation Stage


  • In the early years our PE curriculum focuses on the fundamental skills for movement and games play.
  • Gymnastic skills- Rolling, balancing, shuffling, and development of low apparatus work.
  • Games play- Co-ordination development- hands, feet, ball aiming, sending and receiving.
  • Movement expression- Working to stimulus e.g music or a story.
  • Athletic team play- running, throwing and jumping.


KS1 and KS2 follow the National Curriculum for Physical Education. Our learning is broken down into six key areas for development which are: 





KS1: Develop fundamental skills of movement through:


  • Games Introduction- Invasion games, net games and striking and fielding.
  • Gymnastics- Developing core skills and the use of apparatus
  • Dance- Based on stories, develop movement related to character and plot
  • Swimming- Our children attend swimming lessons once a week all year
  • Athletics- fundamental skills for running, jumping and throwing.
  • Outdoor and Adventurous- Introduction to orienteering.


KS2: Developing Sport Specific skills


  • Games- Each year group will develop sport specific skills for invasion games, net games and striking and fielding games, including: Hockey, Handball, Rounders, short tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, netball, quick cricket, football and tag rugby.
  • Gymnastics- Development of floor work including balances, flexibility and use of apparatus. Children will develop these skills by performing routines and evaluating performances.
  • Dance- Linked to topic work, children will choreograph and perform using a range of dance techniques, such as working in cannon.
  • Outdoor and Adventure- Children continue to develop their orienteering skills. Other opportunities are developed through the use of residential trips.
  • Swimming- Every child in KS2 will receive a minimum of 9 weeks swimming tuition.  By the end of KS2 children should swim confidently over 25 meters. Children will also begin to develop a range of different strokes.