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We have spaces available in most year groups. If you'd like to find out more about joining our friendly school, please get in touch on 01229 830431.






Autumn Term 


Our topic this half-term is ‘Super Me’. We will be painting pictures of ourselves, thinking about the special things we can do with our bodies and imagining what we could do with 'super powers.'

Reading Books

Please listen to your child read at home as often as you can. It really does make a huge difference to their progress. It is also very important to get the children into the routine of bringing their book bags to school everyday. 

Golden Jumper

Golden jumpers are awarded to a child in each class each week. Golden jumper certificates are given out each Friday in our praise assembly. Teachers select children to receive the jumper for a variety of reasons. It may be that they have achieved something they have previously found difficult or simply for being kind and helpful members of the class. While we endeavour to recognise the positive achievements of every child, please be aware that we do have a large class so although some children may have to wait longer than others to receive the ‘golden jumper’ it does not mean that they are not deserving of it and that they will not be receiving praise in other ways.


Time to talk

There will be a parent’s evening towards the end of this half term which will give you a chance to chat with the teacher about how your child has settled in and how they are progressing. Please feel free at any time to ask a member of staff if there is something you are unsure of or want to know more about. Seeing the children out at the end of the day is always a busy time but if you wait until others have gone there will always be a chance to chat to one of our members of staff.

'Stay and Play' 

Every half term we will run a 'Stay and 'Play session where parents and carers are inviting in for a fun themed play session with the children. These sessions usually take place towards the end of each half term.