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We have places available in most year groups. If you'd like to find out more about joining our friendly school, please contact the office on 01229 830 431



Our Vision:
That children will have a positive experience of maths in school, ensuring they develop the skills and confidence to progress well to the next stage of their educational career and build essential life skills. 

We are passionate about ensuring our children have the access to the learning they need, aiming to remove any inherent barriers and believe that all children are capable of good progress and the curriculum we provide can meet the needs of our children.  The building of mathematical understanding through concrete – pictorial – abstract methods builds a deep understanding, giving children the skills to apply their knowledge in a wide range of problems.  Key to learning across all areas of our curriculum is building the vocabulary skills of our children and the use of stem sentences is key.  Children know, and can clearly articulate, what they have learnt.

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