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‘Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.’ – Albert Einstein


At Ormsgill Primary School, we believe that creativity is fundamental to the learning progression of all children. Art is a stimulant ulike any other. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils. We aim to develop children’s knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own art using a wide variety of mediums.


Children are also taught to show awareness of different art forms from around the world as well as from the wealth of our nation. Our curriculum explores the work of well-known artists as well as Cumbrian-based artists such as John Duffin, Loki and Daniel Lee Cooper.


Key Stage 1:


Pupils are taught:


· to use a range of materials to design and make products

· to use drawing, painting and sculpture to share their ideas, experiences and imagination

· to develop techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space using clay and printing to a large scale and in 3D

· about the work of a range of artists, craftsmen and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work.


Key Stage 2


Pupils are taught to develop their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design.


Pupils are taught:


· to create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas, and collect visual material to help them to develop their ideas

· to improve their mastery of techniques, such as drawing, painting and sculpture with materials (e.g. pencil, charcoal, paint, clay)

· about the greatest artists, architects and designers in history.