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Our next Science topic is, Electricity


We will be looking at:

How to keep safe around electricity 

What is electricity?

Everyday electrical appliances 

Electrical circuits

Conductors and insulators

Drawing circuits




Take a look at our Knowledge Organiser below


Our next science unit is States of Matter.


We will be focusing on:

- Properties of materials

- Cooling

- Heating

- Irreversible changes


This unit will include lots of fun investigations.


Take a look at our Spring Knowledge Organiser below

Download it here

Our first science topic is Animals Including Humans


We will be looking at:

Human digestion - parts and functions (prepare for a gross, but fun experiment)

Human teeth - names, functions, care and decay

Herbivores, omnivores and carnivores

Consumers and producers




Take a look at our Autumn 1 Knowledge Organiser below